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. the supreme court may announce whether it will hear the case that's preventing gay couples in california from getting married. cheryl hurd joins us with more on this ripple effect. no matter which way the court decides. cheryl? >> supreme court justices will be behind closed doors tomorrow, the end result of that meeting may mean that gay couples will flock here to san francisco's city hall to get married. or they may not. >> this time we think this is finally it. >> tom watson was fifth in line to get their marriage license two years ago. when the courts decided to put gay marriage on hold. >> i feel like we're seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. we're hopeful about what could happen in the next few days. >> on friday, nine supreme court justices are scheduled to meet behind closed doors and decide if they will take a series of cases. one of them is the federal defense of marriage act. the other is prop 8. the ban on same sex marriage in california. >> it's very very likely the court will take at least one of the cases challenging the federal defense of marriage act. the federal law t
materials were found during a security screening. a man from southern california was promptly arrested. cheryl hurd joins from us oakland international. a news conference just wrapped up. what do we know now? >> reporter: that's right. alameda county sheriffs are not releasing a picture of the watch but i did get a glimpse at it. it is silver in color. it had wires coming out of it. it had a toggle switch on it. the man arrested called it art but it did not look like art to me. here's a picture of the man arrested. his name is jeffrey mcgann. 49 years old from southern california. police say he was here for a one-day trip. he flew in around 11:00 and attempted to fly out at 7:00 p.m. tsa officials flagged the watch down as he was going through screening. they said it just didn't look like. listen into j.d. nelson with the alameda county sheriff's department. >> why would anyone come to the airport with a watch with wires coming out of it, a toggle switch, fuses, a circuit board and think that was okay? that's not okay. the totality of the situation made the deputies arrest him and he w
in the last few years. a 77-page affidavit unsealed today indicates he was one of four southern california men who bought tickets to mexico last thursday with plans to fly from there to istanbul, turkey. agents arrested them last friday. the cover story for their trip was that the two of them were going to go work in dubai in the importing and exporting of perfume. they also planned to receive a wedding invitation to pakistan, providing an excuse to travel there. to lower their profile prior to traveling, the men removed inflammatory messages from their social media pages. >>> a resignation and investigations, all because of a single letter. that letter enabled a registered sex offender to volunteer at a church festival for kids at a school in san jose. nbc bay area's marianne favro has been following the story and joins us live from the st. francis cabrini school with the developments. >> reporter: the pastor here at st. francis cabrini church has resigned. we now mow more about the letter from the diocese of san jose that enabled a registered sex offender to volunteer here near kids. this is
. >>> the amgen bike race is upside down. it will start in southern california and end in the bay area. the 750 mile tour begins in escondido on may 12th. ends eight days later in santa rosa. another first for the tour, the route will take riders to the top of mount diablo instead of just halfway up. san jose will host the time trial, and san francisco and livermore will serve as host cities. livermore a last-minute edition after the community stepped forward to help the city pay expenses. >>> something is causing you pain or anguish in your life you should get rid of it. that's the common wisdom. >> but for one san jose man, the situation wasn't that simple. nbc bay area's garvin thomas is here with tonight's bay area proud. garvin, tough decisions and incredible results. >> we often praise our pro athletes by saying they never give up. jeff schmidt could teach them and the rest of us about not quitting. here is a man who took almost 18 hours to complete a single race. and that wasn't even the tough part of the journey. his much longer struggle is tonight's bay area proud. >> reporter: when so
, california. the other thing, of course, we're following is all of the severe reports right here in the bay area. lightning early this morning in san francisco and oakland. multiple strike there's. even hail that covered parts of 101. i drove through that right through the san francisco airport. and there was a multiple car accident. dangerous. and winds atop 40 miles per hour with at least 900 outages at its peak this morning. also, some very rare snow down to about 2500 feet at mt. hamilton. that's at the elevation of 4,360 feet. let's show you some of these pictures. you can see not only the snow, but the roads very icy as it provided a light dusting. officially only 1 inch reported. but in some areas slightly higher accumulations. none the less, it looks really beautiful up there. and a signal that we are finally getting the weather pattern to change. you can see a few hours of showers developing off to the south. we are going to be tracking that, along with the very cold temperatures gripping the bay area. we're going to be near record-setting lows. i'll have details on that in my full
. >>> well, this thanksgiving holiday was one of the deadliest in memory on california highways. six bay area deaths added to the statistic. the highway patrol reports crashes killed 31 people from wednesday through sunday. that's up 48% from last year. among the casualties, two san bruno sisters who were not wearing seat belts when their father hit a parked patrol car. the chp says 21 of the 31 people who lost their lives weren't wearing seat belts. in placerville, officials aren't sure if it was a deer or drowsiness that led to a head-on collision. three members of an oakland family in a prius and a 4-year-old girl died in that van. officials warn drowsiness can be as deadly as drinking when it comes to driving on the road. >>> with the fiscal cliff looming, the white house today continued its hard line, insisting that tax rates have to rise for the rich, and warn that any more delays would ruin consumer confidence. there are signs of movement on capitol hill, but democrats are not willing to cut social security and medicare. and while some republicans agree the rich should pay more, they w
bay area news. raj? >> steve, thank you. here in california now, a new field poll is out on prop 34 which would end the death penalty. the poll finds that 45% of likely voters support stopping executions. 38% oppose the idea. 17% are undecided. the poll also finds that support for prop 34 is increasing, up four points since last month. and the voters are increasingly swayed by the costs of maintaining death row and all the court appeals that go with it. nbc by area's susan shaw will have a look at both sides of prop 34 in our 6:00 newscast. >>> and on election night, we have extensive local coverage on air and on line. we will be streaming results, interviews, and analysis on our website and our mobile application. just go to the app store for apple and android devices and search nbc bay area. >>> it could be a game changer for school leaders everywhere, a principal facing jail time after one of her teachers is charged with sexual abusing a student. marianne favro is live in san jose with the latest for us. marianne, this case is now in the hands of the jury. >> repo
in california history. the fair political practice commission spent much of last week in court arguing the phoenix political group must turn over its records. the state supreme court agreed yesterday. the money went to opponents of prop 30. governor brown's tax initiative to help fund public schools. education groups who backed the measure are outraged at the amount of outside influence. >> we had $100,000 put into a school board race in oakland from outside donors. so this is something that the country has to look at. this is about our democracy. it's really not about a single issue or a single race. this is about money influencing how votes are cast and influencing elections unduly. >> governor brown is still at it, touring the state, promoting pop 30, which pollsters say is too close to call. >>> both nationally and locally, this was a critical election. we invite you to stay with us here at nbc bay area and our website, all day tomorrow for complete election coverage throughout the day and night. >>> we have some developing news in the east bay, where a deadly three-
california's new income and viewing its financial outlook favorably. >>> long-time east bay congressman pete stark conceded his race for reelection today to a political newcomer and fellow democrat almost 50 years younger than him. 80-year-old stark lost to dublin city councilman and prosecutor eric swalwell who is just 31 years old. swalwell says he will help end gridlock in washington. he says it won't be easy, but his youth and optimism will hill. >> the 113th congress will be the youngest, most inexperienced congress in the history of congress. and i see that not as a liability, but as an opportunity. >> swalwell turns 32 next week and will be the second youngest member after 31-year-old aaron schock of illinois. congressman stark, who was first elected in 1972, did not grant any interviews today and left a campaign event last night without talking to any reporters. he did however issue a statement that reads it has been my honor to serve the female of the east bay for the last 40 years. i congratulate mr. swalwell on his victory. i am happy to be of assistance in the future. >>> this ne
. the california highway patrol says that the volumes come down from the peak, but is still nowhere near normal. and that means more time in the car for christina stoneham, whose work and family takes her from tracy to pleasanton in castro valley. >> i had to go all back routes on the way home because it was still packed on the way home. >> reporter: the chp says that they along with local police and caltrans continually assess traffic hot spots like this one, while many of the commuters are hoping the traffic will die down soon along with the novelty of the mall, one said the shopping traffic does have an upside. >> it's tough when you live out here. it's tough to deal with the traffic when you have nothing to do with it. but at the same time, it does bring a lot of employment opportunities. it does give people a lot of jobs. >> reporter: now neither the chp nor local police say that they have -- can report an increase in fender-benders related to the increased traffic. but i will say that livermore police say that they have gotten a larger number of calls from people who are looking for direc
morning. reporting live in san francisco, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >>> one of california's highest ranking and highest paid employees is offering to take a pay cut. timothy white is the incoming chancellor of the california state university system. he is in line to collect the same pay as the outgoing chancellor, more than $420,000 a year. but white surprised the csu trustees by sending a letter requesting a 10% pay cut, saying it will send a signal that everyone must play a part in rebuilding public education. >>> now to an nbc bay area follow-up. rain is on the way. and that means the clock is ticking. crews in daly city are working feverishly to clear out that massive mudslide before it gets even worse. nbc bay area's christie smith shows us what is being done, and why neighbors are still concerned. >> reporter: no sleeping in today. the front loader started at day break at hillside park, moving the mudslide by emanuel romero's home. >> i think if there is anything about the integrity hill that we needed to be worried about, they would tell us. we're assuming things ar
? the simple answer is yes. a california fish and game wander says we're in the middle of the fall turkey hunting season which runs through december 9th. >> wild turkey hunting is fairly common in the bay area there is not a lot of huntable land in the bay area so most of your turkey hunting is done on private lands out here. >> the wander says you must be on private property or on land where it is legal to hunt. that means no county parks or golf courses. you must have a valid hunting license, and you cannot discharge a deadly weapon like a shotgun or a bow and arrow within 150 yards of place where any people live. >>> thousands of people in the bay area have a little more to be thankful for this thanksgiving because the spirit of thanksgiving appears to be alive and well. >> nbc aye's marianne favro joins us in st. james park. these are heartwarming example. i know you have plenty of them. >> reporter: yes. and many people are very creative about the way they're giving this season. well, tomorrow morning at 10:30, hundreds of people will come here to st. james park in downtown san jose
thing to note. jet stream is going to stay right over northern california. that will also increase our chance here of some isolated thunderstorms, as we head throughout friday, saturday, and even for sunday. temperatures for the most part will stay in the 60s. we're looking at mainly dry for most of the area on thursday, where the chance of showers in the north bay. then as we head throughout friday, that's when widespread rain will return. we're going to show that to you here as we head throughout tomorrow morning. mainly cloud cover across the bay area. then as we head throughout the afternoon, there comes the next storm system up into the north bay. it is going to be slow to push to the south. we may not get that second round of rain in the south bay or for the east bay until 6:00 a.m. on friday. so once again, another tough commute coming your way for friday morning. and then that rainfall is going to linger, as we head all the way through friday and into saturday morning. that's where our flooding concerns will be coming from, this storm system. look at this. our computer estimate
because of more than 200 stores that have opened in northern california that now sell groceries. many of them like walmart are nonunion and don't have to pay the operating costs they do. this woman has been shopping at her neighborhood store for 22 years. >> these are nice people. it's like a family. >> if she sees striking workers sunday morning, she'll shop somewhere else, at least until the dispute is settled. >> if there is a strike on sunday morning, all of the knob hill stores here in the bay area will remain open. they plan to bring in nonon onworkers to fill those shifts. reporting live in los gatos, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> thanks, marianne. >>> switching to the forecast now, the slow moving halloween storm brought with it some impressive rainfall totals. we have more changes on the way. jeff ranieri is in the nbc bay area weather center with more. >> it was moving at about 15 to 20 miles an hour. you could have rode a bike from the north bay to the south bay quicker than this storm system. let's get a look at the radar now. you can see the storm is pushing off t
for a new bay area memorial. >> and showers slowly shutting down now across northern california. we saw a few actually south of san jose down around salinas and gilroy. in the see airs, snow still flying from highway 50 down toward yosemite and we'll let you know if rain and snow will impact the rest of the weekend when we come back. >>> vietnam veterans in the south bay broke ground today on a memorial in honor of the men ho did not return home. the san jose vietnam war memorial will have the names of the 142 south bay men who were killed in action. the monument is located in guadalupe park across the street from hp pavilion. the project has deep personal meaning for many involved. >> we're absolutely ecstatic that this is being built. obviously, it's not about us. it's about the 142 heroes that are going on on this wall. we have guys on the wall that we grew up with, we went 0 high school with. >> organizers used private money for the project but are also raising funds to pay some of the bills and for upkeep. it is expected to be complete in about two months. >> volunteers handed out
of the fastest selling drinks in the nation is linked to deaths and health issues. >>> and a california couple with big bragging rights tonight. why these triplets are now world record holders. >>> in health matters, the fda is investigating a possible link between five hour energy shots and more than a dozen deaths. there is no evidence the caffeinated drinks caused any of the deaths or injuries, but an investigation is happening right now. the company says it is taking the reports very seriously. just last month the fda announced it was investigating five deaths related to monster energy drinks. >>> happy new year, today marks the high holiday for seafood lovers. the opening of crab season. the docks on fishermen's wharf were buzzing. the crabs were hardly unloaded before they were trucked off to seafood suppliers across our state. fishermen were on strike over a pay dispute this time last year. this year, no problems. processors agreed to pay them a higher rate of $3 a pound which means a higher rate of prices for we the consumers. >> it looks very fresh and delicious. >>> triple the pleasu
of business in southern california. got a score update for you. so far, stanford is looking pretty good. they're leading ucla 21-10 at the half. running back stepfan taylor scored on a 49 yard touchdown run and this is his third straight thousand yard season, which is a new school record. we'll have another update during our 6:00 sports cast. >>> all right. from stanford football to stanford basketball. minnesota against stanford. battle for atlanta's tournament. 18 seconds left in the game, stanford down two. dwight powell attempts a dunk and is fouled. he made both free throws to tie the game. minnesota with nooin seconds left. powell knocks the ball away. tray recovers it. takes a shot at half court with .4 seconds left. fouls him. can you believe that? hollins would make all three free throws for the lead. stanford loses a heartbreaker, 66-63. >>> all right. the 49ers are less than 24 hours a i way from their showdown with the saints at the superdome. new orleans averages almost 30 points a game. but give up nearly the same amount on defense. they say numbers never lie. head coach jim har
that superstorm. >>> and new here at 6:00, cap and trade start here is in california tomorrow. we uncover what it means for the state's environment and for the state's economy. we'll have those stories, and a first of its kind gas station opening up in the bay area when we see you at six. >> see you then. "nightly news" is next with
in the california national guard. we'll see you then at 6:00. >> okay, thank you, jessica. jeff ranieri is with us now as we head into this week, it's a big week. >> it is a big week. the holiday coming our way. we do have some showers. here is the good news. we're going to sweep the showers out of the way as we head throughout wednesday afternoon. so that will mean a dry thanksgiving, and also plenty of sunshine on friday for all those holiday shoppers, and also into this upcoming weekend we do have clear weather and temperatures in the 60s. a little bit of rain the next 24 hours, and then everything starts to push out and clear out. that's the great news for anyone planning any travel. >> the leaves are very fitting. i was driving around the bay area this weekend, and it was so beautiful to see all the colors turn. >> i know. it is gorgeous. >> thanks for joining us at 5:00. we hope to see you back for more local news at 6:00. >> good night. >>> on our broadcast tonight, trading fire. air strikes, rockets fill the air as israelis and hamas fire back and forth
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